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Kryptauri Culture Guide


Who We Are

Our company values, objectives and philosophy are a direct reflection of the kind of culture we want to inspire: where everyone involved is driven to create amazing, transformative results for our customers and to do so with a meaningful and positive impact.

Simply put: we strive to be our best. As individuals, as a Company, as a Community. And we're looking for more like us.

It takes drive, creativity and a passion to help solve tough challenges that affect the security of our Country. We are all in. 

Our Guiding Values


Challenge Assumptions

No status quo here.

If you have ever been accused of any or all of the following, you are probably in the right place: Upsetting the apple cart, Not going with the flow, Asking too many questions, Not knowing your place, Not holding your tongue, etc...

We get you, because we are like you. Challenging the status quo is what transformation is all about.


Be Passionate and Determined

We owe it to ourselves to work on things we are passionate about. If you're passionate about something, you'll do a better job and enjoy the process. There some necessary evils at every job, but it's up to you to make sure you're passionate about what you're working on.


Use Good Judgement.

Whether it's making system decisions or meeting with a client, we expect everyone to use good judgement in all aspects. Dress well if it's a formal meeting, weigh all the pros and cons if it's an important decision, move quickly when you can... you get the idea.

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Where We Came From

Started company in California as TransQuest - a technical recruiting firm focused on Silicon Valley Start-ups


Launched government contracting business


Deployed engineers in support of DoD missions


Transforming the Global Cryptologic Enterprise


Reimagined ourselves and became Kryptauri

Specializing in:

Cybersecurity, Enterprise IT and

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

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Company Structure

We are proud of being a fairly 'flat' company. We choose results over process and that means we keep the hierarchy to minimum. You shouldn't be more than a few steps removed from the CEO. Everyone can have a meeting with anyone. Want to meet Dave? Anytime. Want to ask your PM about the program you are on? All yours.  Anyone is welcome to present ideas to help make us a better company. And we like solutions to accompany identified gaps. Share your ideas and back them up.

All good.

recharge time

At Kryptauri, our culture revolves around our values. We value hard work, personal improvement, service to others, curiosity, positivity - and a good laugh. Keeping it "light" makes the heavy lifting easier. But when it comes to the mission, we are all business. Also, we refer to ourselves jokingly as - Kryptaurians. Look out... we're everywhere!

Free kryptauri Gear

Kryptauri and Land's End have teamed up to provide you a FREE Kryptauri Polo Shirt, just for joining our Instagram page located at @kryptauri! Just join and then DM us with the hashtag #kryptauriculture and your size preference.

You'll look sharp rockin' that  Kryptauri swag and you can tell your friends where you got the cool gear. And if you would like more swag, you're in luck! Our employees receive a hefty allowance to purchase custom items from our online store.

How about some free Certs or finish that CS degree?

Heck ya! We offer an annual education allowance to build up those certs or complete your degree... or get another one.

Recruiting Bonuses

As a company born as a technical recruiting firm in Silicon Valley, we know how hard it is to find good people. We are always looking for good candidates to hire, build relationships with, and/or assist in their job search. If we have an opportunity for you, you will know it! If not, we are happy to point you in the right direction and help you find the job you want. After many years in business, we have lots of friends out there! In a similar approach, If you know (or meet) someone that you think would be a great fit for our company, please refer them! All you need to do is give us their contact information -  and if we end up hiring them - you'll get a juicy bonus. 

We're Excited!

Thanks for checking out our Culture Guide!
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